Film Music


A picture speaks a thousand words and it carries a thousand notes!

The sound, style, mood, color, arrangement, tempo, harmonies, and the inspiration is right there, embedded into the picture and/or the story. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible directors who also allow originality and welcome new ideas which makes this process so much more exhilarating and the end result anything but ordinary. I value ongoing communication with the creative team as the most essential way to attain perfect harmony in our collaboration and to apprehend their vision, challenges and needs. I am able to provide a fully orchestrated music electronically with the highest quality of sampled sounds, and share it with the director for approval before we proceed to spend thousands of dollars at the recording sessions with live musicians. When given the opportunity, I enjoy doing the sound affects as well. Utilizing sound affects as just another instrument allows me to balance the entire sound more effectively. I love the freedom it gives me to play with different colors and dynamics of sounds and musical instruments, creating a unique structure of sound that fully supports the movie without the danger of it becoming overwhelmingly crazy and loud. 

Concert Music


Boundless and without limitations, the music speaks for itself.

Although I love writing for motion picture productions, my passion lies in writing concert music; to compose all that I hear, regardless of if it fits the norm of a specific genre or if it reflects a certain predetermined message. 

I do use the traditional orchestra but rely strongly on the string section as well as emphasizing the rhythm with a wide variety of global percussive instruments. I like combining a few ethnic instruments or voice or electronic sounds/textures to add more universal colors. I love conducting my compositions and feel strongly that if the composer is alive, they should always be the ones conducting their music. 

I also enjoy writing choral music but tend to mostly stick to instrumental music. Eliminating the use of lyrics allows a certain freedom to write from the deeper levels of being where words don’t exist. Then, I believe, the music becomes more universal too, allowing the listener to take what they want from the music rather than listening to a message they may not need to hear!  There’s a certain beauty in letting the music flow freely, which also provides an opportunity to learn something new and grow, in letting the creation come to life in its’ authenticity, bringing its’ own elements, colors, textures and purpose.



When the words carry their own tune, a song is born! 

Writing lyrics has always been a hobby for me from a very early age. Writing songs for others or for a project is a fun and fairly simple process but if there are no deadlines or a certain message to stick to, true creativity can kick in and it could become a divergent and interesting process in the way it all comes together. Sometimes music comes first, and sometimes the lyrics, and sometime it's all in fragments. You start out by saying one thing and the words will take you to another place... and sometimes the music will point in a completely different direction. Sometimes it's hard to figure out how they are all supposed to go together and just when you decide to sit back and see how to make some sense out of it all, you realized you're looking at it; the picture is painted and there’s no need to make it into something that it's not.

I completely and utterly trust this creative process and can now relax in this realm of uncertainty. I enjoy it fully rather than being puzzled and I even love the journey and the mystery of not knowing where it’s all going to take me. I trust that it will reveal itself, in it’s entirely, when it needs to. And it always does... when the words find their place within the song as if they were made for each other all along.