How it all started...

Shadi Pourkashef, also known as Anami, is an American Citizen, born on Dec. 30, 1970 in Tehran, Iran residing in Southern California since 1988. Born into a family of music lovers, she was exposed to classical music from a very early age. Her love for music became apparent at the age of 4, as she started to study piano. Unfortunately the revolution started when she was 9, and the war with Iraq started when she was 11 years old and destroyed her happy childhood life.

 "Unable to comprehend the world around me, I became more and more quiet and reserved. That is when I started to hear music and my first composition was completed by the age of 13."

After graduating Woodbridge high school and Irvine Valley College in Irvine, California, she studied film scoring at UCLA. Now, as a composer who's far from being reserved or quiet, she has composed scores for many films, projects, commercials and movie trailers. 



Short Films and Projects:

"American Dream"

"Time Limits"

Nintendo DS, "Ghost Town" in 3D

"SISO" 2012

"The Biggest Dreamer"

"3D America"


"Passion" The Documentary (Co-composed)

"Maximo" 2013

Full Feature Films:

"Todo Contigo"

"Corazon De Tequila"

"Maldito Chilango"

"El Padre De La Dea"

"Gatillero De La Mafia"

"La Dama De La Suburban"

Children’s Music:

"Tooth fairy Island", Score and 5 Original Songs 

One Hour Healing Meditation:

"Opening To The Presence Of All That Is"

TV show:

"Hollywood Express"


Title Theme Songs:

"Ivolve TV"

"Rob Simone"

"Bigger Questions"

"Tooth fairy Island"

"Hollywood Express"

Sound Effects:

Nintendo DS, "Ghost Town" in 3D

"Constantine" Immersive Dome at ComiCon 

"3D America"

"SISO" 2012

"Maximo" 2013

Commercials and movie trailers:

Over 60 commercials & trailers.

Member of BMI and SCL.

Representation: Self (No Agents)


"I’m grateful for the support of my family, friends, teachers, and all others who’ve inspired me. I appreciate my uneasy childhood; even though it left me no room to be a child, it has made me more playful as an adult. I believe my life experiences combined with my unyielding trust and faith in the order of universe, along with my spiritual journey as a student of Taoism and Yoga, all add a hint of color to my music. As a musician, my background in classical music, my knowledge of ethnic/global instruments, samples and electronic music, along with my passion for rhythm and percussion all help me to create multi-layered scores in my own unusual style.”