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Play the piano at any age!


An appreciation for music and basic classical education are key ingredients to musical success. As my student, I promise to give you a learning experience that will develop your musical talents more than you have ever dreamt, with patience, dedication and joy.

Learn orchestration and composition


Before you can achieve your goal of writing for any instrument, you must learn the basics. I will guide you to find your own unique sound and will teach you how to master the art of composing and orchestration as a foundation for your education and musical journey towards success.

Learn songwriting


All you need is a serious passion to learn to write. Even if you have no knowledge of music and have never played or sang a single note, I will teach you all the basics and guide you to find your own voice and write your own lyrics and music in the style and for the instrument of your choice.

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Skype lessons are available for students that are not local or on vacation.